May Notes

It’s been a bit, so I thought I’d drop a brief note.

I started a TikTok doing union agitprop that folks seem to like. You can follow me at @uniondad (even if all of my kids are furry ones, I still have dad energy). It’s a mix of union education, very painful bits, and fighting with Human Resources (so basically the same as my job).

Writing has been in a brief lull, but I have a few pieces coming out. I’m most excited about a piece for Protean Magazine on James Connolly and industrial unionism (date TBD) and a piece for Labor Notes on labor peace agreements (also date TBD). I’ll share them when they come out. The Connolly piece is really something I’ve been thinking about for ages, and finally thought through writing a pitch.

But even if there hasn’t been quantity, there’s been quality — including a piece I co-wrote with my friend Sarah Jaffe for The Nation. Sarah did on-the-ground reporting in Worcester on one of the longest nursing strikes in the past few decades, and I did nerd stuff like trawling through news for reports on nursing strikes and combing through Bureau of Labor Statistics data. We played to our strengths, and the outcome was a great piece that I was thrilled to write with her (and my wife and I got to have dinner with her when she stopped in State College a few weeks later).

I also wrote a review of David Madland’s book on revitalizing labor. Short version of the review (which ran long; I could’ve made it even longer) — his prescriptions won’t revitalize labor, or at least, not the kind of labor movement we should want.

Other than that? I’m officially in the last year of my early thirties (and The Nation piece came out on my birthday, which was a nice present!) 🎉🎉

Reading & Misc.

My friend Kevin Reuning put together a website that tracks union elections across the country, and updates every day. It’s an invaluable resource, and you should check it out. Follow him on Twitter while you’re at it.

Strikewave published one of our best pieces: Brendan O’Connor’s scathing overview of organized labor’s silence on the calls for Andrew Cuomo to resign. I strongly suggest giving it a read; it’s a powerful piece. There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming for Strikewave soon.

In solidarity,

But if you want to go out dancing
I know a place
I know a place we can go
Where everyone gonna lay down their weapon
Lay down their weapon
Just give me trust and watch what'll happen

— MUNA, “I Know A Place”

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